About Us

Our core belief is that each person has the ability to have properly arranged finances that will lead to financial freedom. As we read in the papers and hear in the news on a regular basis, Social Security will be exhausted within our generation. This failure will affect all US citizens in one way or another. Further, the US is in a catastrophic amount of Debt that will have to be paid and to do so the US government will do two things: Raise Taxes and Reduce Benefits. What will they tax? Your Tax Deferred IRA, 401K, and Mutual Funds. Uncle Sam gave that tax deferment to you as a benefit and when the system is in a position that it need money they will cut that benefit and the tax money will role in to run government.

Our Goal is simple – Every single person has the power and skills to make investments that are financially SMART and will lead to financial freedom and wealth. We educate our clients on how to budget and save money in the easiest of ways and then HOW to invest it to earn high returns. Our plans have historically averaged over 12% with no down side losses. And best of all we provide ongoing real actionable advise and ongoing, no charge support.

The process is simple – attend one of our Information training sessions which are held at hundreds of locations across the country. You will learn the pros and cons of different investments that have been designed by government, employers and companies. Topics covered include 401K, IRA, ROTH, MUTUAL FUNDS, STOCKS MARKETS, BONDS, Treasury certificate, no load funds, tax deferment, Management FEES and IRS TAXES. But more important is that we do always discuss the REAL life changing investments that grow and are fully accessible 100% TAX FREE! A real financial plan that has NO LOSSES in Account value due to market volatility. We discuss exactly how you can basically have your very own BANK that provides you tax free loans.

Come join us and meet financial planners and strategist that you will feel right at home with. Learn the key principles to financial success with us and enjoy developing new friends that share common goals of financial freedom. We have the right and smart tools for you to have instant financial value and start your way to being truly wealthy.


You can live a healthy, wealthy and happy life. We will help you reach these goals